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Junior Culture - Heights of Great Man
On Aug 6th 2015 - 3359 views
A vital and honest singer cuts some hot modern roots reggae.
Blend Mishkin - Survival of the Fittest
On Jul 23rd 2015 - 3978 views
A great reggae album is driven by a man of enormous musical energy.
Bobby Hustle - It's the Hustle
On Jul 21st 2015 - 3948 views
An idealistic yankee debuts with a lilting reggae album.
Isha Bel - Too Much Duppy Stories
On Jul 21st 2015 - 3178 views
New single by Isha Bel is the next step for a rising star.
Pentateuch - Chapter V
On Jul 20th 2015 - 3160 views
An acoustic EP from a talented band of enormous potential.
Sola Kamba - Related
On Jul 9th 2015 - 3577 views
A big Swiss band and their Jamaican friends deliver some righteous reggae music.
I Kong - A Little Walk
On Apr 15th 2015 - 6567 views
A Jamaican legend strikes high and clear backed by wonderful musicians.
Colah Colah - Unstoppable
On Apr 3rd 2015 - 3457 views
The “Colah Colah network” is alive and well in the chanter’s sixth album.  
Black Star presents Vivian Jones
On Feb 25th 2015 - 5519 views
A First Class Album That Increases the Reggae Master’s Legacy.
Mr Dill Lion Warriah - Music is a Mission
On Feb 24th 2015 - 3660 views
The Turin Stepper Creates an International Dub Celebration
Kandee - Skank Fiction
On Feb 17th 2015 - 3568 views
Beautifully Crafted Dub That Resonates Like Tone Poems
Rootz Radicals - Lion Outta Den
On Feb 6th 2015 - 3036 views
Straight Outta Bavaria, a Righteous Reggae EP.
Svaha Sound Records - Dub Bibliothque V1
On Feb 3rd 2015 - 2735 views
A Mighty Dub Compilation from Svaha Sound Records
Stand High Patrol - A Matter of Scale
On Jan 26th 2015 - 3457 views
A New Direction for the Brest Dub Trio
Jah Ruby - The Delroy Wilson Story
On Dec 4th 2014 - 6032 views
A friend’s strong voice reprises the work of a reggae legend.

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