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Dubheart - Cool Under Pressure
On Apr 11th 2018 - 4868 views
Dubheart comes with a new album mixing classic roots and dub sound.
Capital Letters - Judgement Day
On Sep 1st 2017 - 3208 views
First single from Capital Letters upcoming album.
Dubheart - Full Time Pressure
On Oct 23rd 2016 - 10876 views
Dubheart keeps up this outfit’s reputation for first class sounds.
Breezy Rodio and The Coolers - Strange Situation!!
On Oct 25th 2015 - 3347 views
A fine singer and player with a strong knowledge of the music and its roots.
Tribo De Jah - Pedra de Salão
On Aug 23rd 2015 - 2837 views
A wonderful testament to first class reggae from wherever and whenever.
Baked A La Ska - Gas Mark 3 (The Slow Burner)
On Jul 18th 2015 - 2166 views
Those with an interest in the ska revival or Manchester’s reggae sound should certainly check...
Steel Pulse - Handsworth Revolution (Deluxe Edition)
On Jul 9th 2015 - 4489 views
The original 8 tracks augmented by 22 bonus tracks.
The Reggae Soul Of Rusty Zinn
On Mar 11th 2015 - 3352 views
Blues and Reggae with Rusty Zinn
The Expanders
On Mar 10th 2015 - 2264 views
Rockers with The Expanders
Various Artists - Virgin Front Line Presents Roots
On Nov 6th 2014 - 4467 views
Crucial selection from the 70's.
Peter Tosh – Live At My Father’s Place 1978
On Oct 30th 2014 - 4335 views
This amazing set was recorded at Long Island, New York in 1978  
Interview: Jeramiah Ferrari
On Feb 1st 2013 - 3623 views
"We get known as Manchester Reggae, but it's universal, isn't it?"
Baked A La Ska - Just Desserts
On Nov 23rd 2012 - 3149 views
The music of this album is always hot and cooking.
The Dubby Rock EP by Jeramiah Ferrari
On Sep 15th 2012 - 5670 views
Second album from the UK band.
Interview: Eazydread
On Jun 29th 2012 - 4922 views
"Coming from The Seychelles, you just have to love reggae music"

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