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Bugle - Anointed
On May 9th 2014 - 3455 views
Bugle produces a gem on long awaited debut.
J Boog - Backyard Boogie
On Oct 4th 2011 - 3254 views
Flaming soulful singer does as expected and delivers in a big way.
Modern Rockers Vol. 1 by Joggo
On Jul 4th 2011 - 2850 views
Joggo adds his star to the lights of Dutch & Surinamese Reggae
Sizzla - The Scriptures
On Jun 14th 2011 - 33227 views
Sizzla Kalonji forges typical brilliance.
Skyfiya by The Uprising Roots
On Apr 17th 2011 - 7025 views
The debut from The Uprising Roots brings polished skills and vibes sure to please any fan of modern...
Meet Jah Turban!
On Dec 18th 2010 - 9527 views
From Spanish Town to Denmark. Spanning the globe with a huge talent.
Mortima Hardly by Natural Black
On Oct 26th 2010 - 4311 views
Finally - Guyana's finest scales lyrical heights on arguably his most varied release to date.
Maikal X's Genesis
On Oct 5th 2010 - 4450 views
Big beginnings for Dutch singer.
Black Gold by Toussaint
On Aug 14th 2010 - 4476 views
The very fascinating debut from Toussaint with I Grade Records
Feel Your Presence by NiyoRah
On Jun 18th 2010 - 4596 views
NiyoRah bridges the gap with his most refined set to date.
Ginjah - Never Lost My Way
On May 31st 2010 - 7017 views
Ginjah and Flava deliver a very mature debut set.
Interview: Fire Pashon
On May 29th 2010 - 4881 views
"The advantage of it is that I have a Father who has set a high standard in the world as one of...
Judgement Time by Chezidek
On May 10th 2010 - 5224 views
Chezidek delivers what is certain to be one of the strongest albums of 2010
Interview: Suga Roy and Conrad Crystal
On Apr 27th 2010 - 3577 views
"While on the tour I got up one morning with this great inspiration from the most High Jah that...
Out Of Many. . . One Sound by L&S symfHoney
On Mar 5th 2010 - 3304 views
A very unique and interesting sound by Ijahman Levi daughters.

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